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World Theatre Day 2020

World Theater day is round the corner and Komal Theatre has planned to celebrate it with the intention to promote theatre and to make people aware of the value of theatre in all its forms.

This is the first of its kind presented by Tamil theatre enthusiasts as a tribute to art forms and artists. This event is planned to highlight the evolution of theatre from oldest art form Therukoothu to contemporary plays.

This novel initiative of bringing on to stage a variety of programs is conceived, designed and produced by Dharini Komal, founder of Komal theatre.

Komal Theatre has staged many of his classics including ‘Thanneer Thanneer’ and has staged eminent Tamil Writers short stories as short plays.

This idea is well received and encouraged by four city sabhas namely Karthik Fine Arts, Brahma Gana Sabha, Parthasarathy Sabha and NaradaGana Sabha and supported by art lovers.

Therukoothu a popular form of theatre performed in the streets, is the basic form of theatre and it evolved with many formats to today’s contemporary and historical stage pays.

We stage one Therukoothu style dance from a popular Tamil movie to give tribute to our oldest art form. Lavanya Venugopal a well-known theatre artist and dancer will be performing the female lead, A renowned Bharatanatyam dancer Balagurunathan will be performing the male role.

This is followed by a classic film scene of Chatrapathi Shivaji acted by Nadigar thilagam Shivaji Ganesan. This is performed by none other than our Nadigar Thilagam’s own grandson Dharshan.

In order to replicate these two scenes exactly on stage a lot of effort has gone in to match even the minute details of costumes and accessories!

Four Short Plays by four Theatre groups are staged in different genres Komal Theatre stages a short play based on relationships and depicts how the money and westernization pushes the human relationship to lower priority in life.

Augusto comes with his speciality genre of favorite genere Augusto’s short play is a crime thriller – A business man ‘s predicament after being an eye witness on an international crime situation…

Ratnam Koothapiran’s team bring a fantasy short play to entertain kids. It talks about an extra-terrestrial man who comes from a different galaxy, when an app is downloaded by mistake which leads to funny situations.

Muthu Kumaran’s PMG Mayurapriya deals with the obsession of a software techie with civic sense.

“As theatre lovers, we expect this idea will grow only bigger in the years to come to involve more youth to take theatre to greater heights” says Dharini Komal.

This grand extravaganza is happening on 27th March at 6.30 PM at Naradagana Sabha, TTK Road, Chennai.