Crispy Theatre

Crispy Theatre

Crispy Theatre presented eight short plays (The best of short and sweet festival, 2016) This evening show Crispy Theatre was presented by Brahmagana Sabha and Tamara Events – LalithaDharini, Easwaran and SK Jayakumar.

The plays are in four different languages English, Tamil, Malayalam and Srilankan Tamil.

Produced by: Dharini Komal

1. First Day First Show (Tamil & Malayalam)

Synopsis:  There is politics in cinema and lot of cinema in Politics

Written by: Arjun Chidambaram
Directed by: Pooja Devariya

Cast: Arjun Chidambaram, SainathSaikrishnan, Naveen George Thomas

2. AndhaOruNimidam (Tamil )

Synopsis: How a routine regular life changes in a minute to disaster

Written and Directed by Eswar

Cast: SK Jayakumar, Uma Shankar , Raman, Suraj

3. The Door

Written and Directed by: Jagadish Kanna

Cast: Kaushik Gurunathan, Arvinth, Anusha, Manoj, Gnanesh

4. Never Give up (Tamil)

Synopsis: Falling is normal rising up makes you special.. Be special

Written and Directed by: Jagadeesh Kanna

Cast: Kalieaswari Srinivasan

5. Pain (English)

Written and Directed by: Vasanth

Cast: Arjun Chidambaram, Gokul

6. Manidha Uravugal (Tamil)

Synopsis: How Human relationships change when career and money occupies the major priorities. Which in turn leave the parents in loneliness.

Written and Directed by: LalithaDharini

Cast: SK Jayakumar, Uma Shankar , Aneesh, Karthik Sridhar.

7. The Ordinary City (English)

Synopsis: What makes a city ordinary?

Written by: Balajee GE
Directed by: Janardhan Raghavan

Cast: Ayan Shukla, Janardhan Raghavan

8. Yuddhaya (Srilankan Tamil)

Synopsis: This play happens in the middle of the war field in Jaffna between a Srilankan soldier and his love.

Ayan Shukla ,Preethika Hari, Athulya Madhu and Vivek Raju


Crispy Theatre
Crispy Theatre
Crispy Theatre
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The talents behind this show

Lights Cheta Ravi
Music Sarigama Krishna, BeonSurrao, ArunSubramaniam
Background Score Sarigama Krishna
Music Played by Mrithyunjay
Scene Furniture Provided by Padma Stage kannan
Coordinated by karthik Sridhar